Trading Server Hosting

Low Latency = Prompt Execution

Our Trading Server Hosting is based in downtown Chicago, 1ms away from CME order matching services and a number of additional brokers/clearing firms. Our platform is designed with your goals in mind. We take performance and uptime seriously and know you won't be disappointed.

Small VPS 1 x 3.30 Ghz Core1 GB RAM30GB Raid 10 SSD Storage2TB @ 1Gbps BandwidthWindows Server OS$30Deploy
Medium VPS 2 x 3.30 Ghz Cores4GB RAM50GB Raid 10 SSD Storage3TB @ 1Gbps BandwidthWindows Server OS$50Deploy
Large VPS 4 x 3.30 Ghz Cores8GB RAM75GB Raid 10 SSD Storage4TB @ 1Gbps BandwidthWindows Server OS$75Deploy
E3 Dedicated Quad-Core 4 x 3.30 GhzUp to 32GB DDR3 RAMUp to 4x SATA or SSD Storage5TB @ 1Gbps BandwidthWindows Server OS$149Deploy