Virtual Private Servers

KVM virtual private servers provide complete virutalization in our enterprise grade facility. The service can be completely managed from your client account and is setup isntantly after your payment is processed.

4GB KVM Quad-Core 4 x 3.30 Ghz+4 GB RAM100GB Raid 10 SSD Storage5TB Bandwidth$32Deploy
6GB KVM Quad-Core 4 x 3.30 Ghz+6 GB RAM150GB Raid 10 SSD Storage6TB Bandwidth$48Deploy
8GB KVM Quad-Core 6 x 3.30 Ghz+8 GB RAM200GB Raid 10 SSD Storage7TB Bandwidth$60Deploy
12GB KVM Quad-Core 6 x 3.30 Ghz+12 GB RAM250GB Raid 10 SSD Storage8TB Bandwidth$90Deploy